Personal Indemnity & Acknowledgement of Risk

While every effort is made to minimise risks it is a necessary part of modern adventure tour operations to ensure that participants are made fully aware and accept the inherent risk involved in undertaking activities in the outdoors. We therefore ask you to please read the following document carefully and understand it thoroughly before signing.

In this personal indemnity for Airlie Beach Adventure Tours (ABAT) activities include: bushwalking, sightseeing , transport to and from said activities, tours, shuttles, & charters.

  1. In applying to participate in this activity with ABAT I acknowledge that there are inherent dangers associated and that serious accidents can, and do happen which may result in me being injured and that I am only permitted to do so on the distinct understanding that I do so at my own risk.
  2. I declare that I am medically and physically fit and free of impairments and able to participate in the activity.
  3. I agree to obey at all times the rules and directions given by ABAT staff.
  4. To the full extent permitted by law, I agree and absolve and indemnify ABAT, its directors, instructors, servants or employees from and against any and all liability for injury, loss (whether fatal or otherwise) or damage caused arising from my participation in the activity or during the transportation in a ABAT vehicle to or from the activity, or in anyway whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and/or omission on the part of ABAT, its directors, instructors, servants or employees.
  5. I absolve ABAT, its directors, instructors, servants or employees from any loss, damage or injury caused directly or indirectly from a defect or defects in equipment used by me whilst participating in any of the activities, regardless of whether that equipment is inspected by a director, servant or employee of ABAT prior to commencing any of the activities.
  6. I accept responsibility for my personal belongings whilst participating in the activities and I absolved ABAT, its directors, instructors, servants or employees from all liability from theft, loss or damage of my belongings.
  7. I authorise ABAT in event that I am injured to arrange medical or hospital treatment (including, without limiting ambulance transportation) if I am not able to do so and I indemnify ABAT for all costs associated therewith.
  8. I agree that ABAT retain the right to utilise images of my participation in the activity for the purpose of promoting any programs and activities.